10 responses to “In Profile

  1. Would love to hear your take on Eric Clapton’s recording of Robert Johnson’s sublime blues album

    • The last album I listened to by EC was his self titled album from 2010 which wasn’t great unfortunately. I’ll go out and grab it and give it a good listen. I think he did a DVD around the same time with live performances of Johnson’s songs.

  2. Hiya mate, Josh here!

    Now my Dad criticises my for having a penchant for “crap”, whether this be obscure foreign players for Wolverhampton Wanderers or second-rate albums from our mutual favourites.

    Most recently I have provoked this ire within him for taking a shine to the two reunion albums by the Small Faces in the mid-1970’s. I was wondering what your take on both ‘Playmates’ (1977) and ’78 in the Shade’ (1978) was?

    If I take off my favourite rose-tinted spectacles I accept that everything about these albums and the whole period in Steve Marriott’s troubled life is second-rate. Whilst occasionally the songwriting shows slender glimpses of their former glories – Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan’s sweet mid-tempo ballad “Tonight” and Stevie’s blustering “High and Happy” being stand-out tracks, much of the content from the two albums can be described as fillers at best (who thought it was a good idea to include “Filthy Rich”?). A lightweight production and confusing country and western tinge to many of the numbers must have left the ardent fans who bought these records (although very few in number, both bombing as critical and commercial failures) feeling extremely short-changed upon their cult-hero’s return.

    I dread his reaction when I tell him I’ve had “Venus and Mars” on by Wings this evening haha (although why on earth didn’t Jimmy McCulloch get more songwriting/singing spots? Medicine Jar is fantastic!)

    Hope all is well.

    Your friend, Josh.

    • Hi Josh,
      Thanks for the post and hope you are well. I’m not familiar with the two albums you referenced but I’ll give them a listen for sure. Would it be OK for me to edit your comment and treat it as a guest post?

  3. Sure, I wasn’t sure where to leave a comment for you.

    The albums are quite intriguing to hear if nothing else. I’d love to maybe write a review for you if you’d like (subject to your approval of course!), a couple of friends of mine have been encouraging me to have a go at something like this :)!


    • I’d be delighted if you could contribute. I’m also surprised you’ve never started a blog considering your love of music. Just let me know what you’d like to do and if you have Skype we can have a chat anytime.

  4. Ok fantastic. I’ll strike while the iron’s hot and write one up on Playmates and send it over to you on a Facebook message.

    I don’t have Skype at the moment but I’ll definitely see that I sort out an account :).

    • Excellent. It would be great to have a chat. I still use FB but I tend to get more traffic on my blog so I use that more often. I’ll drop you an email and we can chew the fat. BTW I’ve posted your comments.

  5. Actually if you wouldn’t mind taking that comment down and I can re-write it much better, in the form of prose instead of a mixture of a query and a review. I’ll have it over to you in the next half hour!

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