John Peel Session History: Jimi Hendrix (15/12/1967)


John Peel’s legendary status is defined by the vast amount of bands and artists he championed. His urge to “hear something he hadn’t heard before” led to a relentless search through demo tapes sent in to his radio show from songwriters and musicians looking for a break. His conviction in not following conventional programming formats, and offering his listeners an alternative to daytime pop pap would ensure that his relevance to broadcasting would remain vital right up to his untimely death in 2004.

His sessions would become an important outlet for new listeners to sample live selections from fledgling and established artists. Many of these recordings have been released to the public, some remain in the vaults. Here is a continuing history of all the sessions, starting in 1967 for his “Top Gear” show right up to the final recording in October 2004.

15th December 1967: Jimi Hendrix

Producer – Bev Phillips
Engineer – Pete Ritzema
Studio – Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue


Day Tripper
Spanish Castle Magic
Radio One Jingle
Wait Until Tomorrow


Jimi Hendrix (Guitar, Vocals)
Mitch Mitchell (Drums)
Noel Redding (Bass, Vocals)

2 responses to “John Peel Session History: Jimi Hendrix (15/12/1967)

  1. I’m fairly certain I had this on a broadcasts Hendrix boot I bought back in the day. It’s really, really excellent. In fact, so excellent I’m wondering where the heck that CD got to!

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