Whatever Happened To…? Rupie Edwards


Rupie Edwards is a reggae artist and producer who found fame and chart success in 1975 with the pioneering dub single “Ire Feelings”. Born in Goshen, Jamaica, his family moved to Kingston in 1958, where upon winning a talent contest, he was spotted by record producer S.L. Smith. His first single “Guilty Convict” was released in 1962 on the Hi=Lite/Blue Beat label.

In 1965, along with Paragons singer Junior Menz and guitarist Eric Frater, he formed The Ambassadors, changing their name to The Virtues with the addition of singer Dobby Dobson. The Virtues recorded a number of singles, including his first self produced record (“Burning Love”).

Following the break up of the group, Rupie turned his efforts to record production, working with artists that included, The Heptones, The Mighty Diamonds, Bob Andy, Johnny Clarke, Joe Higgs, Gregory Isaacs (“Lonely Man”) and The Ethiopians on his own record labels ‘Success’ and ‘Opportunity’, based at his Success record shop in Orange Street, Kingston.

In 1974, his album “Yamaha Skank” caught the attention of British audiences and the single “Ire Feelings” would become his biggest hit.

Shortly after his success he moved to London, and continued to work with other reggae artists including Jah Woosh, Gladstone Anderson, Errol Dunkley, Dobby Dobson, and Shorty the President.

Rupie continues his association with reggae music, and has a music store in Ridley Road Market, Dalston, London.




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