Drugs, Pop, Punk and Death Conspiracies On Netflix


Netflix is hosting a show called “Conspiracy”. Episode 11 attempts to debunk some of the well known rock & roll myths, which include…

1) Were the FBI behind the infamous 1967 drug bust that saw arrests and jail terms for Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in order to prevent them from getting Visa’s to tour the U.S.?

2) Did the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) deliberately manipulate sales statistics in order to stop The Sex Pistols single “God Save The Queen” from reaching the top of the charts in 1977?

3) Did Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page lay a black magic spell on the band Eddie and The Hot Rods, which would blight and eventually end their career?

4) Did The Doors front man Jim Morrison die on the toilet of a seedy Paris night club from an apparent Heroin overdose, and not in the bath of his apartment?


9 responses to “Drugs, Pop, Punk and Death Conspiracies On Netflix

  1. Few there I wasn’t aware of, so I’ll need to give this a watch. I’m currently hooked on the AC/DC / Bon Scott / Back In Black conspiracy?

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