In Profile: U2 (1990)


U2 take their longest break to date, which includes a two year absense from public performances.

On January 17th Bono inducts The Who into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

February 6th sees a score provided by Bono and The Edge used in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s theatrical production of A Clockwork Orange in London.

The band is named Best International Group at The Brit Awards on February 18th.

In March, Bono writes two songs with The Neville Brothers. “Jah Love” appears on their album “Brother’s Keeper”, which gets a release on June 15th.

In April, Larry Mullen jr. produces the official anthem for Ireland’s 1990 World Cup soccer team. Titled “Put ’em Under Pressure”, it inevitably reaches number one in the Irish singles chart.

In June, the band record a cover of Cole Porter’s “Night And Day” for the AIDS benefit album “Red Hot And Blue”.The song is recorded in The Edge’s basement and presaged the electronic sound the band would explore on “Achtung Baby” the following year.

In June the band record demos at STS studios in Dublin that later evolve into “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”, “Until the End of the World”, “Even Better Than the Real Thing”, and “Mysterious Ways”.

On October 3rd the band travel to Berlin to begin work on “Achtung Baby”. With producers Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, they are seeking inspiration on the eve of German reunification.

On 4th October the band shoot a music video for “Night And Day” with Wim Wenders directing.

During December the band do several photo shoots with Anton Corbijn around their hotel and at Hansa Studios for the new album sleeve and publicity shots.

Later in the month U2 return to Dublin. They get together to talk about the band’s future following the grave difficulties that stemmed from the Berlin sessions. They all agree to continue.

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