Factory Records: A Numerical History (FAC171 – FAC175)


FAC171 – White Columns New York Installation

The US release of New Order’s “Brotherhood” was celebrated with a video/sculpture installation, “Compact” designed by Peter Saville at the White Column’s art gallery in New York. The event took place from Sept 30 to Oct 4 1985 at 325 Spring Street, NYC 10012.

FAC172 – A Collection: Railway Children – Overseas/Singles Collection

Aborted project.

FAC173 – A promo video: New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle


FAC174 – A press pack: Valuable Press Pack

Press pack for US Release of Durutti Column’s “Valuable Passages”. Comes with some press clippings in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.

FAC175 – A Christmas Card: Origami Factory

Boxed Factory Christmas Card, containing paper folded “Factory” Building by Paul Johnson with red glitter. A cassette “A Happy Xmas from Factory”, and also a Flexi disc wishing a merry Christmas from the Hacienda/Factory wishing “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Members”.


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