Hackskeptic’s Must Have Rock Biographies: Last Train To Memphis (Elvis Presley)


Peter Guralnick’s epic study of The King, along with “Careless Love”, are the definitive biographies, avoiding scurrilous scandal and rumour mongering, without glossing over many of his faults.

Exhaustive, but definitely worth it.



9 responses to “Hackskeptic’s Must Have Rock Biographies: Last Train To Memphis (Elvis Presley)

  1. Easily one of the best biographies I have ever read. I have my copy to an Elvis mad friend about 10 years ago and never got it back. I still have Careless Love sitting on the shelf, though…

  2. Oh yeah, read them both when they came out. It’s been a while but I have every intention of re-reading them. I actually met Guralnick at a public talk he gave maybe a year and a half ago. I had him sign my copy of his Sam Phillips book. I gave him my card and told him about my blog. Unimpressed one supposes, he has yet to show up. But he is THE guy that writes about this type of stuff, no question.

      • Yeah, in fact he was speaking at a conference of local writers when I saw him. Funny thing is for a guy that writes about all bluesy/early rock stuff, he has kind of a mild-mannered high school English teacher thing about him. Doesn’t seem like some cool guy but he’s hung with the cool guys for sure. “Sweet Soul Music” by him has been on my list to read forever.

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