Levi 501 Ad Campaigns (Part 2)


Levi’s iconic ad campaign for its 501 jeans gave previously unknown acts a big break, and resurrected the careers of some of the world’s greatest acts. By the time the campaign ended in 1998 the ads had covered everything from blues, country, rock, reggae and electronica.

Steve Miller Band – The Joker

Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Heart Attack And Vine


6 responses to “Levi 501 Ad Campaigns (Part 2)

  1. I remember The Joker ad, but I completely missed the other two (the Hawkins one is kinda like a Diet Coke commercial or the likes, huh?).

      • I dare say so. They may have seen the success of that and sought out the very same thing… creative folks perhaps working on both. Definitely not the best of the Levi ads.

      • I have this kind of nagging negativity towards mega brands, marketing companies and bands and artists who give away their music to sell soap. I know it’s the way of the world, but I’ve always struggled with “rock & roller cola wars”.

      • I tend to agree… if only all artists were like Tom Waits. Sadly, labels, publishing houses and estates tend to control quite a bit of older material. Or at least it seems that way.

        But then, some artists probably see the biggest paycheque of their careers from an ad, huh?

        (That line is Billy Joel, eh?).

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