Whatever Happened To…? Baby D (Let Me Be Your Fantasy)


Baby D are a breakbeat, hardcore and house music group who had major U.K. hits in 1994 and 1995. “Let Me Be Your Fantasy”, a U.K. number one that was considered one of the major commercial rave scene crossover records, and is still highly regarded by the dance fraternity to this day. Having two further top ten hits, including a cover of The Korgis “(Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving”, the group continue to perform in name, however, the only original member is singer Dee Fearon.

In 1987, Phil Fearon, best remembered for the 1984 hit “Dancing Tight”, formed a record label, Production House Records.

Here’s Phil, performing “Dancing Tight” on Top Of The Pops, with Dee on backing vocals.

Production House Records in house producer was Floyd Dyce, who wrote and performed under several different names, including The House Crew, DMS and Xstatic.

Baby D consisted of Dyce, Dee Fearon, Claudio Galdez on keyboards, and Terry Jones (AKA MC Nino) on vocals and keyboards.

Their first appearance on record was in 1989, as guests for Jazz & The Brothers Grimm, for the single “Cassanova”.

Between 1990 and 1994, they released 5 singles including “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” in 1992. None broke the U.K. to 50.

A re-release of “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” on November 7th 1994, would climb to the top spot in the U.K. chart, and would be the 18th biggest selling single of the year.

The success continued with further top ten hits “(Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving” and “So Pure”, all included in the album Deliverance (1996). At the first MOBO Awards show in 1996 Baby D won in the category “Best Dance Act”.

Their final chart hit was a Trick or Treat remix of “Let Me Be Your Fantasy”, which reached number 16 in 2000.

Floyd Dyce went on to form his own record label, Redmaster, and is on the roster at music publishing house, Bucks Music Group.

Here’s his bio.


Terry Jones concentrated on songwriting, production and remixing duties. He co wrote Peter Andre’s 1996 number one chart single “I Feel You”, and has worked with Backstreet Boys, Eternal, and St. Etienne lead vocalist Sarah Cracknell.

No information can be found on Claudio Galdez, however, Dee Fearon continues to regularly perform as Baby D, along with husband Phil.

baby d

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