Hometown Tunes: Tucson In Song (Part 3)


My adopted home, Tucson, Arizona, has a rich history of lyrical name checking in popular music. Here’s the part three of a continuing saga of songs that reference “The Old Pueblo”.

Jonathan Coulton – Good Morning Tucson (2011)

“Good Morning Tucson!
The lights come on and so I smile wide and say
Good Morning Tucson!
I throw to you before I throw the rest away”

George Strait – The Seashores Of Old Mexico (2005)

“I left, out of Tucson, with no destination in mind.
I was runnin’ from trouble and the jail-term the Judge had in mind”

Toby Keith – Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya (2007)

“I made it out to Tucson, where I turned my truck around
I started barreling down that highway boy, back to that Texas town”

Grateful Dead – Jack Straw (1972)

“Half a mile from Tucson
By the morning light
One man gone and another to go
My old buddy you’re moving much too slow”



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