The Horrors To Release “V” on 09/23


Excitement mounts in the Hackskeptic’s household as the fifth studio album from The Horrors arrives on September 23rd.


“Something To Remember Me By”


01 Hologram
02 Press Enter to Exit
03 Machine
04 Ghost
05 Point of No Reply
06 Weighed Down
07 Gathering
08 World Below
09 It’s a Good Life
10 Something to Remember Me By


10 responses to “The Horrors To Release “V” on 09/23

  1. Got it today, and I can’t tell you how much its surpassed my expectations. I’ll write again in a few days Hackskeptic

  2. Initial thoughts: a Gary Numan-esque work, showing respect for genre, extraordinary production, intense atmosphere, Floydish flourishes. Modern yet retrospective, above all, very fine songwriting that is in the lineage of said Mr Numan, mad Bob Smith, and to these ears, a soupcon of Nick Drake. Very fine indeed.

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