Synth Pop And Daft Punk: The New Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire return and they’ve gone all synth pop on us! The album is co-produced by Thomas Bangalter of the electronic-house duo Daft Punk, Pulp bassist Steve Mackey, Geoff Barrow of Portishead, and Markus Dravs, who co-produced Arcade Fire’s past three studio albums. From the forthcoming album “Everything Now” here’s “Creature Comfort” and “Electric Blue.”


12 responses to “Synth Pop And Daft Punk: The New Arcade Fire

  1. What do you think about the new tunes? I’m wavering on buying the new record. I never did get Reflektor.

  2. I’m not so sure about what I’m hearing. But then, I didn’t think much of Reflektor (or The Suburbs, actually). Still, maybe I’ll check it out… could be a grower?

  3. At first I thought this seems like quite a left turn, but I can actually see the synth direction as a chosen organic new direction based on what I’ve head of theirs. I’m wavering as to whether they are truly pulling it off. I always like when the tone of the music contrasts with the lyrics, which is true of most of “Creature Comfort,” as it gets heavier toward the end. I find “Electric Blue” meh – I looked up the lyrics, and there’s not much there, and I’m not one for ethereal vocals. I’ll definitely give the album a listen. With the production team taken into account as well, I’d think that it would be pretty solid.

    • I agree, “Creature Comforts” sounds interesting. “Electric Blue” is kind of wishy washy, non-descript pap, but I’m sure there will be some other delights if Thomas Bangalter is involved.

  4. For some reason, I’ve never been too enthusiastic about these guys. I really like the female voice but I hadn’t warmed up to the male voice.
    But then again, they could be late bloomers for me, and I’ll be too fervent of a fan, making up for lost time!

    • I thought their first two albums were outstanding, but sadly the follow ups have been pretty uneven. Maybe if you started with “Funeral” and “Neon Bible” you get their best material IMO.

      • Are you familiar with Chuck Klosterman?
        I’m a big fan of his essays/interviews. In his new book, there’s an interview with Noel Gallagher.
        Noel makes an interesting point about how if his career had gone in reverse, and Definitely Maybe/Morning Glory were his 2 most recent albums, the perception of his career would be very different, people would be talking about the journey to those albums.
        It sounds like the same could be said for Arcade Fire

      • That’s a fair point. In Noel’s case he could release his best set of songs since those two albums and it still wouldn’t get any where near the recognition. Two reasons IMO. One, it’s not Oasis, and two, too much mediocrity has passed in the years since their breakthrough.

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