Hometown Tunes: Tucson In Song (Part 1)


My adopted home, Tucson, Arizona, has a rich history of lyrical name checking in popular music. Here’s the first part of a continuing saga of songs that reference “The Old Pueblo”.

Tracy Bird – Tucson Too Soon (1996)

“For leavin’ Tucson too soon
At the time it was something that I just had to do
But tonight face to face with that old desert moon
It seems I left Tucson too soon”

Davendra Banhart – How’s About Tellin’ A Story?

“Mansonite and the Wolfman, Katmandu, and Honest Abe,
Something happens up in Tucson and then it happens again in Maine.
San Francisco, sweet thing, ladeedada da… na na!”

Falco – Vienna Calling (1986)

“Womit spielen kleine Mädchen heute, hier und dort und da
Ob in Tucson, Arizona; Toronto, Canada.”

Melissa Etheridge – You Can Sleep While I Drive (1989)

“We’ll go thorough Tucson up to Santa Fe
And Barbara in Nashville says we’re welcome to stay
I’ll buy you glasses in Texas a hat from New Orleans
And in the morning you can tell me your dreams.”



4 responses to “Hometown Tunes: Tucson In Song (Part 1)

  1. Hey that’s a great idea man! Do you wanna do my hometown of Perth W.A. Australia? Or should I do that one myself on my blog?

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