Hometown Tunes: Tucson In Song (Part 1)


My adopted home, Tucson, Arizona, has a rich history of lyrical name checking in popular music. Here’s the first part of a continuing saga of songs that reference “The Old Pueblo”.

Tracy Bird – Tucson Too Soon (1996)

“For leavin’ Tucson too soon
At the time it was something that I just had to do
But tonight face to face with that old desert moon
It seems I left Tucson too soon”

Davendra Banhart – How’s About Tellin’ A Story?

“Mansonite and the Wolfman, Katmandu, and Honest Abe,
Something happens up in Tucson and then it happens again in Maine.
San Francisco, sweet thing, ladeedada da… na na!”

Falco – Vienna Calling (1986)

“Womit spielen kleine Mädchen heute, hier und dort und da
Ob in Tucson, Arizona; Toronto, Canada.”

Melissa Etheridge – You Can Sleep While I Drive (1989)

“We’ll go thorough Tucson up to Santa Fe
And Barbara in Nashville says we’re welcome to stay
I’ll buy you glasses in Texas a hat from New Orleans
And in the morning you can tell me your dreams.”


8 responses to “Hometown Tunes: Tucson In Song (Part 1)

  1. Hey that’s a great idea man! Do you wanna do my hometown of Perth W.A. Australia? Or should I do that one myself on my blog?

  2. I’ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari
    Tehachapi to Tonapah
    Driven every kind of rig that’s ever been made
    Now I’ve driven the back roads
    So I wouldn’t get weighed
    And if you give me weed, whites, and wine
    Then you show me a sign
    I’ll be willin’ to be movin’

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