On Stage Injuries (Part 4)


On stage musicianship can be fraught with danger. Here’s a continuing saga of accidents that have occurred at concert venues around the world.

Frank Zappa
At a 1971 concert at London’s Rainbow venue, Zappa was pushed from the stage by a fan. His larynx was crushed and his spine damaged, keeping him in a wheelchair for almost a year.

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
The Pink Floyd bass player had a broken front tooth after a fan threw a coin at him during a mid 1960s concert.

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
Wentz broke his foot after jumping off a stage platform onstage at the Voodoo Music Festival in 2007.

Alice Cooper
During a 1975 Canadian concert a giant stage prop (a toybox) fell onto Alice, breaking several ribs and a nasty head wound.

Bono (U2)
The U2 front man dislocated his shoulder after slipping on a wet stage during a 1987 concert in Washington DC.

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