Whatever Happened To…? Steve Arrington


Drummer, singer, songwriter, producer and Minister Steve Arrington is probably best remembered for his 1985 single “Feel So Real”, which reached number five in the U.K. singles chart. He has a career spanning five decades, and continues to be involved in the music industry right up until the present day.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Arrington’s first break came in 1978, joining popular funk band Slave as percussionist. Over the next three years he would take both drumming and lead vocal roles up until his departure in 1981 to form Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame. Slave enjoyed Billboard singles and album successes during this period, and will be remembered for “Watching You” which not only reached the Billboard hot 100, but was used by Hip Hop artist Snoop Dogg twice, for 1993’s “Gin And Juice”, and 2004’s “Let’s Get Blown”.

“Watching You”

“Gin And Juice”

Arrington’s solo career began with 1985’s “Dancin’ In The Key Of Life”. Significantly, the album widened his audience overseas, reaching number 41 in the U.K. album charts, largely supported by the success of “Feel So Real” and the album title track (which reached number 21 in the singles chart).

“Feel So Real”

Two further albums in 1986 (“The Jammin’ National Anthem”) and 1987 (“Jam Packed”) failed to reach the commercial heights of his debut, and Arrington left the record industry for a period of 19 years to pursue his religious calling as a licensed Minister.

In 2009, he surprisingly returned with an album “Pure Thang” on God Factor records. In 2013 he released a collaborative album with funk musician Dâm-Funk titled “Higher”.

“I Be Trippin'”

At 61, Arrington continues to write and perform, both in his homeland and Europe.







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