New Discovery 7: Eckoes


Nigerian born London based R&B/Electronica singer songwriter Eckoes is already gathering interest and momentum which should lead to a major breakthrough in the latter half of 2017. Her music is a mysterious amalgam of modernist chilled trip hop, backing a voice that’s deeply soulful, classic and yet utterly unique. Her latest single, “Human” contains original poetry from poet, novelist and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou. The song has an understandable socio-political message of hope, driven by tribal rhythms and and the singer’s swirling vocal harmonies. Hopefully she’ll be coming to perform in my hometown (Tucson AZ) in the very near future.


4 responses to “New Discovery 7: Eckoes

  1. Geoff I can’t remember if “Get Back” was part of your Beatles Top 10 – it feels like the ‘Tuscon Arizona’ name check might be worth some bonus points!

    • lol yeah, my wife who’s a huge Beatles fan and a Tucson native would probably say that “Get Back” is her favorite Beatles song of all time. I should do a post with songs referencing Tucson. There’s quite a few

      • Thought of you yesterday night Geoff – I was at a campfire gathering and we ended up playing ‘get back’ around the fire, I smiled of course hearing your hometown name-checked!

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