Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky


192 – Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky (1997)
Written by Supergrass and Rob Coombes
Produced by Supergrass and John Cornfield
Label – Parlophone

Supergrass were never afraid to hide their influences and the bass run instrumental that fades out the song is classic psychedelia circa 1967. I’m a huge fan of Danny Goffey’s tub thumping and this single is another example of his ability to let rip in Keith Moon style. Add to that a superb “funky worm” Rob Coombes instrumental to ice the cake. The Great Rock Bible called “Sun Hits The Sky” “A soaring, handclapping, spirit-lifting celebration of good times and faraway places.” Couldn’t agree more!

11 responses to “Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky

  1. In It For The Money is one for those ‘best British albums’ type lists. Absolutely love that album. Unreservedly so. I’ve often looked at the vinyl on Discogs and even once hit the ‘add to cart’ button before coming to my senses!

    • Agree totally J. I sometimes think that Supergrass were a little overlooked because of the success of “Alright”. It’s light hearted pop overtones led to many thinking they were a throwaway pop act, which they definitely weren’t, and “In It For The Money” is a quite brilliant album. One of my favourites of the decade.

      • Completely agree. Few folks I know are more than familiar with Alright and remember ‘thinking some other singles were good, but can’t really remember them’ (obviously taking some liberties with quotes and such there). I think they also got overlooked due to the whole Blur / Oasis thing. Not to mention a few big records the year In It For The Money was released (Spiritualized, Verve, Radiohead, Primal Scream, etc).

      • That’s a good point about the whole Britpop thing. I think a lot of good acts from that period were overlooked because the music papers and media were so invested in the Blur/Oasis thing.

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