On Stage Injuries (Part 1)


On stage musicianship can be fraught with danger. Here’s a continuing saga of accidents that have occurred at concert venues around the world.

Matt Bellamy (Muse)

The Muse front man smashed himself in the mouth whilst performing a customary guitar wheel at a 2004 show in Atlanta. Blood spewing from his face he ran off stage declaring, “I can’t sing, I’ve f**ked my face up!”

James Hetfield (Metallica)

At a 1992 Montreal concert Hetfield was engulfed in spouting flames from a pyrotechnic prop that left him with second degree burns to his arms and legs.

Florence Welch (Florence And The Machine)

At 2009’s Coachella Festival the singer fell and broke her foot.

Lou Reed

In 1973, during a show in Buffalo, New York, a fan jumped on stage and sank his teeth into the former Velvet Underground man’s buttocks.

Ryan Adams

Adams fell off stage at a Liverpool concert in 2004. Breaking his wrist, he would describe the scene, stating “The sound of my wrist breaking off my arm was loud. It popped. [Surgeons] cut through my tattoo and blood seeped through the pores. Some people couldn’t look.”



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