Factory Records: A Numerical History (FAC136 – FAC140)


FAC136: Factory branded adhesive sealing tape.


FAC137: A 7″ & 12″ Single – Quando Quango – Genius/Rebel or This Feeling


FACT137: A Beta & VHS video – Shorts
Durutti Column “Prayer”
Stockholm Monsters “The Longing”
The Wake “Talk About The Past”
Royal Family & The Poor “British Empire”
Section 25 “Back To Wonder”
Section 25 “Looking From A Hilltop”
Kalima “The Smiling Hour”
Jazz Defektors “Hanki Panki”
Quando Quango “Tingle”
52nd Street “Can’s Afford (To Let You Go)
New Order “Blue Monday” (Promo Video)


FAC138: A 12″ Single – James – Village Fire
What’s The World
Fire So Close
If Things Were Perfect
Hymn From A Village


FAC139: A 7″ Single – Royal Family And The Poor – We Love The Moon/White Stains


FACT140: An LP – Royal Family And The Poor – The Project Phase 2 “We Love The Moon”


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