The Cure – Faith (1981): Review


Produced by The Cure and Mike Hedges
Label – Fiction

The Cure’s previous effort “Seventeen Seconds” showed a band scaling down their spiky art punk, and developing a more introspective new wave sound, with numerous atmospheric injections and thought inducing soundscapes. If one thought that would be the limit of their self imposed isolationism, then the release of their third album “Faith” surely realised the listener to the gloomy neo Goth sounds that Robert Smith was introducing to his repertoire. “Faith” is dark, moody, brooding album with long instrumental intro’s, atmospheric keyboard fills, and Smith’s wailing vocal efforts, questioning Faith and Death.

The album is better reflected when played as a whole, almost like a concept album as the eerie sonic imagery seems to lend itself from track to track as exemplified by Side Two’s opener “The Funeral Party” leading into the power chord intro to “Doubt”. The superior songs on the album are “The Holy Hour” and “Primary”, excelled by “The Funeral Party” and “Other Voices”.

Depressing music doesn’t always mean poor music.


Track Listing
1.”The Holy Hour” 4:25
2.”Primary” 3:35
3.”Other Voices” 4:28
4.”All Cats Are Grey” 5:28
5.”The Funeral Party” 4:14
2.”Doubt” 3:11
3.”The Drowning Man” 4:50
4.”Faith” 6:40

The Cure – Seventeen Seconds (1980) (9/10)

The Cure – Pornography (1982) (6/10)

The Cure – Japanese Whispers (1983) (6/10)

4 responses to “The Cure – Faith (1981): Review

  1. Depressing music can be some of the best music indeed!
    For some reason, this era of the cure still doesn’t really speak to me – I adore ’85-2000, but before & after I neither love nor despise

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