Fame Beckoned/The Nearly Men: Pete Best – The Beatles


Probably the best known “nearly man” of modern music. Much to the chagrin of many local female fans at the time, Pete best was summarily fired as the drummer of The Beatles by manager Brian Epstein on August 16th 1962. The real reason for his dismissal remains largely mysterious. It may have been due to a combination of reasons including…

a) The decision by producer George Martin to use a session drummer for recording sessions. Although it wasn’t unusual for technically proficient session musicians to be used in the studio, this may have been the cue that gave reason for Best’s firing from the band.
b) According to Brian Epstein the drummer, although good friends with John Lennon, was not liked by Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
c) According to both Astrid Kirchherr and McCartney, Best would often be distant from the core members and wasn’t party to the “in jokes” and banter.
d) Best was reluctant to adopt Epstein’s request to change their image, particularly the “mop top” hairstyle.
e) There may have been a certain amount of jealousy from the rest of the band for the amount of attention Best got from female teen fans.


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