Whatever Happened To…? Joe Fagin (Auf Wiedersehen Pet Theme)


British singer Joe Fagin is best remembered for the hit theme tune for the ITV comedy drama series “Auf Wiedersehen Pet” which reached number 3 in January 1984.

Coinciding with Season 2 of the show in 1986, Fagin would release the theme tune and closing credit music as a double A side, “Get It Right/Back With The Boys Again” which stalled at number 53 in the charts.

Although his commercial peak was in the 1980s the singer was no stranger to the music industry. In the early 1960s Joe was the frontman for Liverpool band The Strangers, who played support to The Beatles at the Cavern Club in 1961.

In 1967, under the name Dean Douglas, and as part of the vocal duo Robb & Dean Douglas (with Ray French), two non charting singles “I Can Make It With You/Phone Me” and “Rose Growing in the Ruins/Gentle People” were released on the Deram Label.

Here’s “I Can Make It With You”

In the early 1970s Fagin joined Joe Brown’s band, Brown’s Homebrew, appearing as bass player and vocalist. They released albums in 1972 and 1974.

In 1987, Joe teamed up with Liverpool F.C. for the single “The Pride Of Merseyside”.

He continued to be associated with theme tunes to TV shows, singing the theme to BBC sitcom As Time Goes By.

In 2006, Joe re-recorded his 1984 hit “That’s Livin’ Alright” as an alternative World Cup football anthem.”That’s England Alright” was a reworking of the theme tune to Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

Most recently Joe has uploaded songs to Soundcloud and is registered for vocal hire at http://www.simplysingers.com/home

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