The Kills – No Wow (2005): Review


Produced by The Kills
Label – Domino

“No Wow” is the sophomore release from the low fi indie art rock duo, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. At the onset of the new millennium there seemed a myriad of primitively raw art rock outfits, taking a voice and cheap guitar licks to generate sparse, back to basics guitar rock. Whilst The Yeah Yeah Yeahs had the ever beguiling Karen O, The White Stripes had carnal invention, and The Raveonettes had a cool Duane Eddy twang and a 50s monochrome feel, The Kills had little to add other than Hince’s inadequate musicianship, and Mosshart’s repetitive lyrical drivel. It really is amateur hour, as disjointed sludgy blues licks, played mainly on one string make an effort to support a vocalist who struggles to compose the words to a single verse.

On the title track Mosshart blurts out the direction for much of this collection with the lines “This ain’t no wow now, they all been put down, who ain’t dead yet fled to die closer to the shore. This ain’t no wow no more”. My six year old niece could write something more comprehensible, and quite frankly, the remainder of the album follows the same vein. If one has the necessary patience to trawl through this nonsense the culmination of Mosshart’s creative abilities arrives via “Sweet Cloud”, where she repeats the line “I know no words to fix my killing” a total of 18 times. I’ve heard from the hipsters that they look pretty cool, and for these guys looking cool is as important as the music they endure.

“No Wow” is a pitiful and embarrassing collection of mostly incoherent noise.


Track Listing
1. “No Wow/Telephone Radio Germany” 4:47
2. “Love is a Deserter” 3:48
3. “Dead Road 7” 3:23
4. “The Good Ones” 3:29
5. “I Hate the Way You Love” 3:37
6. “I Hate the Way You Love, Pt. 2” 1:46
7. “At the Back of the Shell” 2:27
8. “Sweet Cloud” 5:06
9. “Rodeo Town” 4:24
10. “Murdermile” 4:25
11. “Ticket Man” 2:49

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