The Whispers – Love For Love (1983): Review


Label – Solar

Any early 80s disco citizens will have danced to the sounds of The Whispers and may never even have noticed. Their two huge dancefloor smashes, “And The Beat Goes On” and “It’s A Love Thing” were a staple for most DJ’s during the period. Shimmering dance funk, well written, they were guaranteed to pull most guys from the bar, and almost all girls to toss their stilettos off, drop their purse and dance around it wildly. “love For Love” is the 1983 effort to maintain that dancefloor success, and the well worn formula is tested to an adequate degree.

Formed in 1973 by twin brothers Walter and Wallace Scott, Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hutson and Gordy Harmon, the group had recorded several albums on various record labels, all with relatively minor success. Their decision to join Dick Griffey’s Solar record label at the end of the 70s would bring about their commercial breakthrough. Along with label mates Shalamar, they teamed up with a string of “in house” songwriters including Leon F. Sylvers, who would contribute extensively for this collection.


Where “Love For Love” works well is on the up-tempo numbers, such as the opener “Tonight” (which reminds this listener of “Love Come Down” by Evelyn King), “Keep On Lovin’ Me”, and the title track. The ballads, which take up much of side 2 are tied, non-descript, and although sincere, fail to score strongly in the memorable soul stakes.

“Love For Love” promises to go all the way, but ends up profoundly dull, and sadly undistinguished.


Track Listing
1 – Tonight
2 – Keep On Lovin’ Me
3 – Love For Love
4 – This Time
5 – Had It Been For You
6 – Try It Again
7 – Do They Turn You On
8 – Keep Your Love Around
9 – Lay It On Me

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