Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: New Order – True Faith


228 – New Order – True Faith (1987)
Written by Gillian Gilbert, Stephen Hague, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner
Produced by New Order and Stephen Hague
Label – Factory

More than often it seems, that if a band are asked to record a couple of new songs to promote a greatest hits record, they then delve into an archive of half finished or completely shelved material to hastily throw into the project. When New Order entered Advision studio 1 with producer Stephen Hague they had every intention of creating two exciting new songs that reflected their continued development of post punk and dance. Ten days later they emerged with this and “1963” (which could have been a single in its own right), and one of pop music’s finest four minutes was born. Everything works perfectly, from Sumner’s ambiguous lyrics, Gillian Gilbert’s synth accompaniment, and Stephen Morris’ thudding rhythms. Hooky’s melodic bass line is just the icing on the cake, along with one the best promo videos ever created.

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