Fame Beckoned / The Nearly Men: Andy Couzens – The Stone Roses


Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Andy Couzens (far left) was an original member of The Stone Roses. He met Ian Brown and John Squire at South Trafford College and formed the short lived The Patrol in 1980, then reconvening in 1983 along with bass player Si Wolstencroft and at a later date, drummer Reni to form the fully touring collective. At this stage, their live shows would contain early versions of “I Wanna Be Adored”, “This Is The One”, and “Sally Cinnamon”. Continual disenchantment with the management style of Gareth Evans and an increasingly distant relationship with Brown and Squire led to him quitting in 1986.

5 responses to “Fame Beckoned / The Nearly Men: Andy Couzens – The Stone Roses

  1. A fascinating book (you may have already read), The Songs That Saved Your Life, all about the recording history of every Smiths song.
    Before reading that, I hadn’t realized they’d had an extra rhythm guitarist (Craig Gannon) for a short time in between The Queen is Dead & Strangeways – hadn’t realized this about the Stone Roses either!

    • No I haven’t read the book Geoff (I really should). I know Craig Gannon was brought in to play rhythm guitar and stayed with Morrissey after The Smiths split. He was a good guitarist, although not as inspirational as Johnny Marr.

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