Whatever Happened To…? Peters And Lee

Peters And Lee were a British folk/pop duo who enjoyed huge commercial success from May 1973, following the release of the number one single, “Welcome Home”. They had previously been contestants (and won) on the ITV talent show, “Opportunity Knocks”. Lennie Peters (born 1931) was the uncle of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, and had been blinded in one eye at the age of five, only to be blinded in the other at the age of sixteen.

Their first appearance on the concert circuit was in 1970, supporting Rolf Harris in Bournemouth.

Here’s “Welcome Home”…

Having released a number one debut album (“We Can Make It”), the pair enjoyed a further top ten hit with “Don’t Stay Away Too Long” in April 1974.

They continued to record until 1980s “Farewell Album” and corresponding tour.

Following their dissolution, Dianne Lee went on to perform in acting roles, whilst Peters launched an unsuccessful solo career with the unfortunately titled “Unforgettable” debut album and three non charting singles.

They reformed in 1986 with a new single “Familiar Feelings”, and began to tour once more, releasing two more original albums in 1989 and 1992. Sadly, Lennie passed away on 10th October 1992 from bone cancer, but Lee went on to release a solo album, “Chemistry” in 1994.

Here’s the title track…

Having married The Move and Wizzard bass player Rick Price, the duo continue to perform and write new material.


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