KT Tunstall – KT Tunstall’s Acoustic Extravaganza (2006): Review


Produced by Steve Osborne
Label – Relentless

For KT Tunstall the pot called success took a long time to bring to the boil. After all, her debut album “Eye To The Telescope” had been released as far back as late 2004, and only began to make commercial in-roads by the middle of 2005. The success of the album, and the subsequent Stateside release in February 2006 had meant that she’d been on a virtually constant pattern of promo’s, interviews and live performances since. Little time for writing and recording a new album one would think, and as a holding gesture she released “Acoustic Extravaganza” to pacify the fans and keep the ball rolling. The album was originally available for download only from her website and online stores.


Named after the acoustic night she used to perform at in Edinburgh, Scotland, the album was recorded in one day between Christmas and New Year 2005 on the Isle Of Skye and is, as the title suggests, purely acoustic. It’s a mix of re-recordings of a couple of songs from the “Eye To The Telescope” album, some old B- sides and a cover of Beck’s “The Golden Age”, along with a few uninspiring expansions of demo’s from before her rise to fame. The collection on the whole is bland, lacks invention and is very, very defensive. It’s either a conceited cash in, or an ill advised effort to assume that fans are so desperate for new material that they will purchase anything, regardless of quality. James Blunt did exactly the same with “The Bedlam Sessions” and that stank too. A totally unnecessary album, or a deliberate corporate con. The choice is yours.

Bland tuneless songs, “Acoustic Extravaganza” is nothing short of a flaccid placebo, and the contents of the album prove to be little more than a meaningless holding operation.


Track Listing
“Ashes” – 3:34 (released as a promo single)
“Girl And The Ghost” – 4:14 (First released on the “Suddenly I See” single)
“One Day” – 5:02 (First released on the “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” single)
“Golden Age” – 5:00 (Beck cover)
“Boo Hoo” – 4:56 (First released on the “Other Side of the World” single)
“Gone To The Dogs” – 3:59 (Featured on the demo album “Tracks in July”)
“Change” – 3:44 (Featured on the demo album “Tracks in July”)
“Miniature Disasters” – 4:32 (Acoustic version of song of debut album)
“Universe & U” – 4:31 (Acoustic version of song of debut album/released on the “Another Place to Fall” single)
“Throw Me A Rope” – 3:43 (Acoustic version of first single)


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