Travis – Everything At Once (2016): Review


Label – Red Telephone Box

For the first couple of years of the new millennium, pop rock in the UK was dominated by two bands, Fran Healy’s Travis and Chris Martin’s Coldplay. 15 years later and the Glasgow four piece are playing to 2-3,000 seat venues, whilst the London four piece are performing in front of audiences averaging 60-80,000. One can never denigrate a band based on their commercial longevity, but as Travis’ impact continually slims down, unfortunately, the relevance of their music diminishes with each successive return. Part of their problem has always been their anonymity ( the 2001 album “The Invisible Band” was a self confessed realization), and whilst each successive album has contained moments of warm melodies and dry, often witty lyrics, none of their recent long players have contained a truly outstanding tune to rival the highlights from their second and third studio albums. “Everything At Once” is a culmination of everything that’s admirable and forgettable in equal measure. It will score a respectable dent in the charts because it contains exactly what one expect, even if the collective impression is a workmanlike experience

“Everything At Once” is polished, conventional and structured alternative pop that, for the most part lacks inspiration. There’s few surprises from a band that are trading on past glories and a loyal fan base.


Track Listing
1 – What Will Come
2 – Magnificent Time
3 – Radio Song
4 – Paralysed
5 – Animals
6 – Everything At Once
7 – 3 Miles High
8 – All Of The Places
9 – Idlewild
10 – Strangers On A Train

2 responses to “Travis – Everything At Once (2016): Review

  1. Yeah. This isn’t too bad. Certainly not as bad as the critics make it out to be. As you say, it has its moments.

  2. Yeah, it’s had a real slating from the press which is sad because it’s not a bad album. Picking a highlight(s) was a problem for me though. I think the title track is the one I remember most and the duet “Idlewild”. Not crazy about the singles unfortunately.

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