Whatever Happened To?…F.R.David


Tunisian born French singer F.R. David (real name Elli Robert Fitoussi David) is best remembered for the worldwide smash hit “Words”, originally released in 1982.

Although new to most, David had been writing and recording for 15 years previously both solo, and as a member of various acts.

Signed to Polydor, David had a minor hit with his debut E.P. “Symphonie” from 1967.

The E.P. included “Il Est Plus Facile” which used the music of The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

David’s next E.P. would provide a French version of The Bee Gee’s “Sir Geoffrey Saved The World”.

With little commercial impact, David formed a rock outfit in the early 70s called Cockpit and released a self titled LP in 1971 on the Dutch Pink Elephant label.

He would go on to work with Vangelis, and featured on albums by Les Variations and King Of Hearts

But 1982 really was his breakthrough year. Here’s the number 2 UK single, “Words”.

David continues to write and record, most recently the LP “Midnight Drive” from 2013

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