Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Sweet – Blockbuster!


239 – The Sweet – Blockbuster! (1973)
Written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman
Produced by Phil Wainman

The question always remains…were The Sweet just a bunch of lucky opportunists who tapped into Bowiemania and fizzled out along with many other Glam rock acts within a couple of years. I get the argument, but I’ll counter it by saying
a] This is a better song that “The Jean Genie” (even though there’s little to choose.)
b] The Sweet weren’t just Glam rock. They could crossover to hard rock and “Hell Raiser” was very close to being in this list of top 500 songs. Its riff was as powerful as anything AC/DC were producing just a few years later.
c] They did have longevity, scoring hit singles right up to 1978 with the excellent “Love Is Like Oxygen”, proving that they were more than a one trick pony.

But back to 1973, a freezing cold winters’ Saturday. Mom gave me some money to go get my hair cut. I used the money to buy “Blockbuster!”, my very first 7″ single. Looking back, I could have picked worse. No, actually I’m kind of proud of myself.

4 responses to “Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Sweet – Blockbuster!

      • You’re lucky, so am I, that we don’t have Glam, disco,punk, new wave, new romanticism, post punk, etc., as historical reference points from BBC4 documentaries. We lived with all this music as a soundtrack. Celebrate The Sweet! Mud! Bowie! Roxy! the Darkness! Sparks! cockney Rebel! Mott! Marc!. All played for us to live to, by Simon Bates.

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