The Beatles Top Ten Songs


The vote is finally completed. Our final tally is as follows…

Kenny Badham
10 – Come Together
9 – Norwegian Wood
8 – Hello Goodbye
7 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
6 – Rain
5 – Yellow Submarine
4 – Day Tripper
3 – Paperback Writer
2 – Strawberry Fields Forever
1 – Penny Lane

Of Opinions
10.I’ve Just Seen A Face
9. Revolution 9
8. Michelle
7. I am the Walrus
6. She Loves You
5. Something
4. Happiness is a Warm Gun
3. For No One
2. Don’t Let Me Down
1. A Hard Day’s Night

10 – I Feel Fine
9 – In My Life
8 – Paperback Writer
7 – All You Need Is Love
6 – Day Tripper
5 – Penny Lane
4 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3 – Yesterday
2 – Strawberry Fields Forever
1 – A Day In The Life

Thanks for your participation!

6 responses to “The Beatles Top Ten Songs

  1. It’s getting close!
    10. Back in the USSR
    9. Happiness is a Warm Gun
    8. Martha My Dear
    7. Elanor Rigby
    6. Penny Lane
    5. Something
    4. Golden Slumbers
    3. A Day in the Life

  2. In with a bullet, a revived 45, here’s the NUMBER 2!
    Strawberry Fields Forever.
    The finest double a-side ever. On Anthology 2, the most wonderful developmental sequence from 2-reel to multi track magnificence.
    Far better,far more far reaching, far more challenging, far more multilayered, than Penny Lane, and in any other world a dyed in the wool number one, this only fails to be my top choice because it ISN’T Penny Lane.
    This one goes to eleven.

  3. Thanks Kenny, a superb choice at number one.
    My number one is “A Day In The Life”.
    The sequence that adds Paul’s “Woke Up, got out of bed…”…inspired. It was the finest example of John’s fascinating dreamscapes and Paul’s perfect pop, allied with George Martin’s outstanding arrangement.

    The top ten is a difficult choice, with many great songs that should have been considered, but this will always be my number one.

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