Vanessa Williams – The Comfort Zone (1991): Review


Produced by Vanessa L. Williams, Keith Thomas, Brian McKnight, Kenni Hairston, Derek Bramble, Gerry Brown, Bruce Carbone, Dave Darlington, DJ L.A. Jay, Ed Eckstine, Kipper Jones, Phase 5, Mark Stevens and Reggie Stewart.
Label – Wing/Mercury

A former Miss America, Vanessa Williams launched her singing career at the tail end of the 1980s. This, her second album, would be an international success built on the back of the beautiful Grammy nominated ballad “Save The Best For Last”. Well performed, carefully arranged and accompanied by a sugary sweet video that highlighted Williams’ star appeal, it dominates the record

The rest of the collection is built around easy soul and R&B, delivered with all the necessary studio gloss, and would fit perfectly into anyone’s collection of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey albums. Noticeably, although Williams’ voice is fine, there’s a sense that the record is an exercise in label executives marketing an artist who has limited musical appeal, but looks good and fits into the stereotypical pop market they’re aiming for. It’s whitewashed, bland and dreadfully typical of the kind of R&B fodder that was popular from the era.

The purest form of straightjacket music.


Track Listing
The Comfort Zone 4:00
Running Back To You 4:40
Work To Do 4:37
You Gotta Go 6:22
Still In Love 5:22
Save The Best For Last 3:39
What Will I Tell My Heart 4:17
Strangers Eyes 6:16
2 Of A Kind 5:16
Freedom Dance (Get Free!) 4:15
Just For Tonight 4:29
One Reason 4:53
Better Off Now 4:13
Goodbye 4:21

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