We’re Gonna Make It Big One Day (Part 3)

It took 16 years for Pulp to find commercial success when “The Sisters EP” reached number 19 in the UK singles charts in 1994. The corresponding long player “His ‘n’ Hers” would reach top ten status that same year.

Here’s “Babies”, the lead song from the EP.

It had been a long road for front man Jarvis Cocker and a revolving door of musicians from their formation in 1978.

Three original studio LP’s, a compilation record and 13 singles before finally, the band broke through and would become the darlings of Britpop.

3 responses to “We’re Gonna Make It Big One Day (Part 3)

  1. Yeah. This is a crazy story. Imagine if they had packed it in after the first ten years of languishing in obscurity, we’d never have heard “Common people”. I love these guys and theirs is a story of resiliency. I love this series by the way.

  2. His n’ Hers is on my wishlist! It’s tough to beat the pair that followed, what a neat juxtaposition hearing different class/this is hardcore back to back

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