The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect (2016): Review


Label – Domino

It would be easy to suggest, judging by Alex Turner’s permanent residence in Los Angeles, that The Arctic Monkeys front man has lost much of the lyrical bite that brought tales of the dark and often depressed Sheffield scene. That’s okay though, his life experiences have changed his exposure to provincial working class themes, and the subject matter for much of his recent work has been more inward looking, often focusing on the maintenance of domestic relationships. For Miles Kane, the association with Turner certainly raises his profile, and it’s understandable that he tags half way across the world to resume a recording bromance that was last witnessed on the Scott Walker/baroque 60s pop of 2008s “The Age Of Understatement”. Their new record, “Everything You’ve Come To Expect”, is buoyed by some brilliant Owen Pallett string arrangements which genuinely enhance a half decent set of songs, front ended and with the outstanding “Aviation”, the glaring highlight. Its catchy guitar riff and weaving strings, leave the listener basking in its cinematic qualities. “Dracula Teeth” continues the big screen soundtrack effect with all the necessary depth one would expect from a potential Bond movie theme. The explosive “Bad Habits” returns to the more familiar hard rocking, angular approach of previous Monkeys albums, and for fans will be a reminder of glories long past. Much of the remainder is relatively safe and occasionally pretty forgettable.

“Everything You’ve Come To Expect” is immediately accessible, built around warm, easy paced, west coast styling. There’s a few indelible hook lines on this perfectly understandable if not understandably perfect record. It feels like the sonic equivalent of two buddies enjoying the exploration of the emotional trappings of a high class California lifestyle.


Track Rating

1 – Aviation (9)
2 – Miracle Aligner (7)
3 – Dracula Teeth (9)
4 – Everything You’ve Come To Expect (7)
5 – The Element Of Surprise (7)
6 – Bad Habits (8)
7 – Sweet Dream TN (6)
8 – Used To Be My Girl (6)
9 – She Does The Woods (6)
10 – Pattern (7)
11 – The Dream Synopsis (6)
12 – The Bourne Identity (6)

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