Whatever Happened To?…Snow – “Informer”


Canadian reggae musician, Snow (real name Darrin Kenneth O’Brien) is best remembered for the worldwide smash hit “Informer” in early 1993. The song has since been honored as the biggest selling reggae single in U.S./Billboard history.

He would continue to release albums and singles between 1993-2000 with diminishing returns. The new millennium brought about a reversal in fortune when “Everyone Wants To Be Like You” became a number two hit in his native country (it failed to chart elsewhere).

In 2002, working with Shaggy and Blu Cantrell, his “Two Hands Clapping” would spawn a further Canadian hit, “Legal” which reached number thirteen.

Following the death of his common-law wife, Tamii Edburg to cancer in 2009 O’Brien raised thousands of dollars in donations to cancer research charities. Donations would include proceeds from his 2014 single, “Shine”, which featured Black Uhuru’s Mykal Rose.

That same year he turned up at Toronto radio station CP24 to voice his approval of then City Mayor, Rob Ford.

In 2015, he appeared on the “Nightly Fix” show to talk about his comeback and fellow Canadian pop star Justin Bieber.

6 responses to “Whatever Happened To?…Snow – “Informer”

  1. Oh man. His song “Informer” was huge here in Canada and from what I understand, was an even bigger hit in the strip clubs for some reason. I never had much love for Monsieur Neige but that’s a great throwback. Love it.

    • I didn’t realize until I researched this post, that as a White Canadian with Irish heritage, he is regarded and has been accepted by the West Indian reggae community with a great deal of respect.

  2. Laugh if you want, but his 1993 album was actually really good. Nobody knew WTF he was saying but it didn’t matter. “Informer” was way overplayed but the rest of the album was dope. (You might also recall Jim Carrey doing a parody of him called “Imposter” on In Living Color, lol).

    I didn’t know he released more music after ’93. I’m glad the reggae community embraced him somewhat. I never got the impression that he was a Vanilla Ice-type ripoff artist.

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