Bob Mould – Patch The Sky (2016): Review


Produced by Bob Mould
Label – Merge

Mould seems to have accepted his position as the grizzled self analyzing statesman of punk/pop. His recent releases have all retained that familiarity with his Husker Du material from 30 years previously. Crunching guitars, personal angst and a level of sneering vitriol have always been his stock in trade, and “Patch The Sky” will undoubtedly surprise few. Frankly, this record bears many similarities to its recent predecessors (2010’s “Silver Age” and 2014’s “Beauty And Ruin”), with a mix of rip snorting power house punk along with mid tempo moments of contemplation. The intensity of the full throttled songs works best, and the opener “Voices In My Head”, “Pray For Rain” and “The End Of Things” are genuine highlights that enforce that Mould still has the integrity and skill to produce valid recordings. If there are any reservations, it’s that his voice is often lost amongst the wall of instrumental noise.

Mould is still making music with a perceptive realism of someone who plays to his strengths, and as ever boasts conviction and honesty; a rare commodity in a world where most of his plastic punk imitators from the last decade are long gone.


1 Voices In My Head
2 The End Of Things
3 Hold On
4 You Say You
5 Losing Sleep
6 Pray For Rain
7 Lucifer And God
8 Daddy’s Favorite
9 Hands Are Tied
10 Black Confetti
11 Losing Time
12 Monument

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