Spinal Tap Discography: Rock And Roll Creation (1977)


Megaphone NLA1249

Track Listing
Rock and Roll Creation
(a) When There Was Darkness
(b) Rock and Roll Creation
(c) The Answer Is Clear
Young, Smug and Famous
Death on a Stick
Cock a Doodle
Dusty Devils (In Dirty Drawers)
Silence the Rock, Suffer the Roll

Often referred to as “The Gospel According To Spinal Tap”, this would be the band’s last collection released on the Megaphone label. Ironically, the album would reach Gold sales status a full 20 years after release when, mistakenly, the Egyptian Coptic Church purchased 495,000 copies, believing that the record was a new audible book of the bible. Coptic Bishop Mikey Husein recently stated that this whole sorry mess was a “cacophonous blasphemy, and has set back the course of Eastern Christendom at least a thousand years”.”Dusty Devils (In Dirty Drawers)” sees singer and guitarist David St. Hubbins pleading his lust for elderly women, and was originally intended to be performed live amidst a group of dancing grandmas.

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