Whatever Happened To…? Junior Senior

Junior Senior were a Danish pop duo who enjoyed worldwide success in 2003 with “Move Your Feet”. The duo consisted of multi instrumentalists Jesper (Junior) Mortensen and Jeppe (Senior) Laursen. Here’s the song…

A follow up single, “Rhythms Bandits” failed to reach the high echelons of the charts, stalling at 22 in the UK.

They released two albums before disbanding in 2008 to focus on solo projects.

Mortensen immediately released the single “Trust Tissue” under the moniker I Scream Ice Cream.

Meanwhile, Laursen concentrated on production duties and contributed to the release of “I’ll Get You” by L.A. duo Classixx

In 2010 Mortensen settled in New York to form Make Out along with vocalist Leah Hennessey and drummer Chase Stauffer. They have released one EP and three singles.

In 2011, Laursen co-wrote and produced two songs from Lady Gaga’s Billboard smash album “Born This Way”, including the title track.

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