The Cool Kids – The Bake Sale (2008): Review

CHLT059_LP (11440) FINAL

Produced by Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll, N. Cobey
Label – XL, Chocolate, C.A.K.E.

The retro resurgence of Hip Hop made a brief come back towards the end of the noughties, and The Cool Kids (Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish) refined and pinpointed their stylistic affection and influence to 1988 for some form of individual guidance. With their gaudy gold ropes, Starter jackets and high top trainers, the Chicago boys are faithfully rooted in the fashions of the time. For new devotees to their music, much of “The Bake Sale” EP had been floating around on their Myspace page and the previously released “Totally Flossed Out” mix tape.

What The Cool Kids may lack in originality, they certainly make up for in energetic attack. The beats are raw and direct, the raps fresh and enthusiastic. They replicate their 80s heroes with a humorous excitement that would inoffensively charm the big pink pants off any hip hop fan. The highlights include their debut single “88”, “Black Mags”, “Mikey Rocks” and the genuinely funny “A Little Bit Cooler”.

It’s all good, but one gets the impression that The Cool Kids were holding back on something sizeable. The oven was hot, waiting for the next installment.


Track Listing
1. “What Up Man” 3:00
2. “One Two” 3:32
3. “Mikey Rocks” 3:27
4. “88” 3:46
5. “What It Is” 2:28
6. “Black Mags” 3:11
7. “A Little Bit Cooler” 2:51
8. “Gold and a Pager” 3:47
9. “Bassment Party” 3:27
10. “Jingling” 2:47

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