Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Charlatans – Loving You Is Easy


253 – The Charlatans – Loving You Is Easy (2004)
Written by Blunt/Brookes/Burgess/M. Collins/Rogers
Produced by James Spencer and The Charlatans

There’s something to admire about The Charlatans collective survivalist spirit. By 2004, not even a death, an imprisonment, a bout of testicular cancer, a swindling accountant and a bass player recovering from a nervous breakdown could stop them. Whilst most bands of their era were either gone or fizzling out, they went and bloody delivered one of their best long players (“Up At The Lake”). Even more astonishing, they release an outstanding single that contains dual vocals from Tim Burgess and the seriously underrated keyboardist Tony Rogers. I’m still in awe that they managed to put a record out, never mind something as sublime and classy as this. An incredible achievement.

5 responses to “Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Charlatans – Loving You Is Easy

  1. I can’t lie. I’m a lifelong Charlies fan. It’s fun though, out of all their albums, this one is one of my least favourite. Good track, this one though.

    • No probs JP. I knew you were a Charlatans fan and I can assure you there will be at least one more of their songs in this top 500.

      • This 500 of yours is quite a project. Some great songs. Do you have the complete running list anywhere on your site?

      • I don’t have the running list on the site. Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting the rundown until we reach number 1.

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