Robert Pollard – Of Course You Are (2016):Review


Produced by Nick Mitchell

There’s many parallels that often make it difficult to distinguish between Robert Pollard’s Guided By Voices projects and his solo output. His latest collection, “Of Course You Are”, firmly continues that blurry line with long time collaborator Nick Mitchell adding all instrumentation and production duties. At 58, Pollard sounds surprisingly fervent with a succinct and sprightly set of songs opening with the crunching indie rock of “My Daughter, Yes She Knows”. Mitchell’s spare details give Pollard the opportunity to offer up his own lyrical personality and expand his boundaries on the excellent “Little Pigs” and “That’s The Way You Gave It To Me”, where he stays close to both personal conventions and convictions. His writing is terse, yet rich with melodies underpinned by an incandescence that’s hard to resist.

Decades into his career, it’s refreshing to hear Robert Pollard still delivering music that has the ardent enthusiasm of his debut.


1. My Daughter Yes She Knows 02:34
2. Long Live Instant Pandemonium 02:23
3. Come And Listen 02:54
4. Little Pigs 02:27
5. Promo Brunette 02:23
6. I Can Illustrate 03:22
7. The Hand That Holds You 02:40
8. Collision Daycare 02:02
9. That’s The Way You Gave It To Me 02:55
10. Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age) 02:26
11. Losing It 03:07
12. Of Course You Are 03:11

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