Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down


254 – Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down (1984)
Written by Paddy McAloon
Produced by Phil Thornally
Label – Kitchenware

Although most will remember “From Langley Park To Memphis” as the most popular and biggest commercial success of the Durham band’s career, for this reviewer its predecessor (“Steve McQueen”) was a personal favourite and a continuation of their promise following a strong debut (“Swoon”). For anyone looking for beautifully crafted sophisti-pop and intelligent, often biting lyrics then the album is certainly worth investigating. “When Love Breaks Down” is one of a number of songs that could have made it into the top 500.

5 responses to “Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down

  1. Paddy may now have his demons to deal with, tinnitus and the overwhelming search for perfection but when he writes material as magnificent as this he deserves mention in the same company as Difford-Tilbrook, Costello, Waller et al.

    The Prefabs never achieved world domination and respect in the way much lesser mortals did- you know, don’t you,that this is directed at Deacon Blue…


    when love breaks down is a perfectly sculpted melancholy pop nugget full of creamy hooks. Emotional ebb and flow, simultaneously of its time and yet timeless, thinking of it now makes me feel warm and safe, it’s almost parental in its aural cosseting.

    Thanks for making it worthy of mention.

    Simply a great old 45.

    This one goes to 11/10.

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