Bullion – Loop The Loop (2016): Review


Label – Deek

Nathan Jenkins (AKA Bullion) has been tinkering with electro-pop and dance music for a few years now and is probably best remembered for his homage to The Beach Boys for the 2007 experimental mix album “Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee”. “Loop The Loop”, his latest release, can be best described as a quirky, light hearted synth pop album that bares many similarities with 80s chart stars Thomas Dolby, Blancmange and Howard Jones. It’s direct, infectious, with just the right amount of individualistic style and creativity to prevent the listener from believing that it’s a tired re-hash of music from a pop era long expired. There’s breezy summer reflections shining from “Dip Your Foot”, which is cleverly laced with middle eastern styled strings and the gently strummed guitar coda and vocal harmonies on “My Lar” make for soothing waves of enjoyment. The relaxed closer (with gull and tidal effects) “FoYoC” add that warm feeling of soaking in the rays, and although the record lacks a distinctly outstanding song, there’s enough to admire and enjoy and one hopes this direction will lead to further intoxicating adventures.

“Loop The Loop” is assured, sunny and a logical extension of the eclectic early 80s spirit of synth pop transported into the new century. It also creates a sense of anticipation for the next installment.


Track Listing
A1 Dip Your Foot
A2 Health
A3 My Lar
B1 Unless
B2 Self Capering
B3 Never Is The Chance
C1 Speed
C2 Get To The Heart Of It
C3 Palm
D1 Peep Hole
D2 Loop The Loop
D3 It’s No Spirit
D4 Foyoc

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