Venetian Snares – Traditional Synthesizer Music (2016):Review


Label – Planet Mu

The Planet Mu label has a roster of oddball artists, a home for explorative noodlers and leftfield sonic exhibitionists. Aaron Funk of Venetian Snares brings a deliberately in-cohesive meld of electronics and breakbeats. His latest offering is so packed full of pulsating bleeps there’s a genuine sense of claustrophobia as the instrumentation attempts and fails to breathe life into any approaching musicality. It feels like any melody is submerged under this blanket of pumping artificial beats. There’s little let up either in this relentless cacophony of bleak, overcrowded and self obsessive twaddle. Some critics will exalt the record stating “yeah, but it was recorded entirely with modular synths”. This may be the case, but it doesn’t automatically result in a quality recording.

It’s either cunningly tongue in cheek, an in joke between Aaron Funk and label owner Mike Paradinas to see how many hipster reviewers will fall for it, or an experiment in how far an artist can leave the listener detached from any appreciative sense of aural participation. Either way, it’s possibly the most soulless record you will ever hear.


Track Listing
1. “Dreamt Person v3” 1:56
2. “Everything About You Is Special” 3:46
3. “Slightly Bent Fork Tong” 2:26
4. “Magnificent Stumble v2” 4:21
5. “Decembers” 4:03
6. “Can’t Vote For Yourself v1” 4:18
7. “You And Shayna v1” 3:21
8. “Goose And Gary v2” 3:09
9. “Anxattack Boss Level19 v3” 4:55
10. “She Married A Chess Computer In The End” 3:49
11. “Health Card10” 3:23
12. “Paganism Ratchets” 4:30
13. “Fart Factory (Hidden track)”


6 responses to “Venetian Snares – Traditional Synthesizer Music (2016):Review

  1. Yes, just because something was recorded with some sort of unique blend/lack of instruments doesn’t mean it’s automatically fantastic.
    I’ll pass!

  2. Music opinion is subjective. I feel sure the artist couldn’t give a fig if I liked the record or not, but I’m entitled to my opinion given that I spent a tenner on the record.

  3. style/content/context/intent

    the 4 corners of the aesthête’s directive to project creative energy into a consumable “object d’art”.

    for sheer provincial module prowess, any dissatisfied responses to the redundant idm formula are reduced to self-truncated player-haterisms easily lobbed at hyperreal works of troubled yet undeniable genius. unless your love is a bulldozer on the shores of paradise, it is high tide for hipsters trollin for crabmeat to feed their apathetic self-aggrandized eschaton.
    haters gon hate. tastemakers gon relate. seen 💃

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