The Filth And The Fury!


On December 1st 1976, as unsuspecting families sat down to their evening meal, turned on their TV, and watched an event that had an unimaginable effect on popular culture and music. The virtually unknown Sex Pistols were interviewed by the face of the establishment, presenter Bill Grundy. Having enjoyed a variety of freely issued alcoholic beverages back stage, the band plus entourage (including Siouxsie Sue), found this the perfect opportunity to shock, insult, and draw attention to themselves. Guitarist Steve Jones called Grundy a dirty f***er and a dirty f***ing rotter. The following morning every British newspaper’s front page was devoted to the outrage. According to reports, at least one viewer was so incensed by the industrial language and the Pistols arrogance, he kicked in his own television. The Daily Mail’s headline “The Filth And The Fury!” was later used as the title of a Sex Pistols DVD.

Here’s the interview…


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