Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Futureheads – Decent Days And Nights


259 – The Futureheads – Decent Days And Nights (2004)
Written by The Futureheads
Produced by Paul Epworth
Label – 679/Sire

2004 was a year full of promise for any fan of British Indie rock and pop. Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Maximo Park and this quartet of XTC obsessed Mackems all came to prominence for an all too brief moment, trailblazers for a movement that fizzled out in the next few years. Most fans would probably pick the band’s bewildering and highly entertaining cover of Kate Bush’s “Hounds Of Love” as their defining tune. For this listener though, the instant thrilling shiver from this single, the quality riff, the jitterpunk rush is hard to resist. Decent days indeed!

4 responses to “Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Futureheads – Decent Days And Nights

  1. New Musical Express voted it their single of the year 2005. High praise indeed, and one of the few examples of a cover adding something new and vibrant

  2. Hackskeptic you choose well. From the brief new new wave explosion at the turn of the century a few solid gold revived 45’s have justifiably earned status as classic.

    PowerPop fit to stand beside the Kinks XTC and their ilk. A few rowdy ramshackle heavenly minutes of guitar bliss.

    A true 10/10 single. As befits a great record.

    • It great to reminisce and remind myself that WE were part of that exciting NEW rock explosion of the noughties. Without it, I would still be listening to tired old tunes and watching something stupefying on TV instead of keeping this blog running and discovering lots of new and interesting tunes.

      1 full album called “Your Favourite New Band” at 28 minutes was all it took.

      Happy times Kenny!

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