Tedeschi Trucks Band – Let Me Get By (2016): Review


Produced by Derek Trucks
Label – Fantasy

Renowned for their electric live shows, Tedeschi Trucks band have understandably gone back to basics to for their third original collection. Produced by Derek Trucks at the couple’s home, there’s a deliberately instinctive simplicity, focusing on the direct dual guitar attack and a soulful delivery melding their traditional southern folk rock and blues, with improvised jazz and melodic R&B overtones. Trucks’ Gibson and Susan Tedeschi’s Fender marry harmoniously as they compete with dexterous licks, all accompanied by some colorful horn and flute arrangements. There’s a hint of soul on the enduring opener “Anyhow”, murky funk on “Don’t Know What” and majestic gospel on “Hear Me”. For all the untethered genre exploration, there’s never a sense that the band are stepping into unchartered waters; indeed, these subtle flurries show a confident band, not afraid to cultivate their collective talents for some ever intriguing moments. Center stage is Tedeschi’s vocal, which continues to improve with each successive recording, so much so in fact, that the Mike Mattison sung songs seem to pale in comparison.

“Let Me Get By” is a progressive success because behind every turn into new territory, there’s the comfort of everyman’s Americana to back it. There’s little doubt it will delight the purists and will draw in a new entourage to boot.


1 Anyhow 6:33
2 Laugh About It 5:06
3 Don’t Know What It Means 5:58
4 Right On Time 4:33
5 Let Me Get By 4:25
6 Just As Strange 3:41
7 Crying Over You/ Swamp Raga 8:03
8 Hear Me 4:32
9 I Want More 7:14
10 In Every Heart 6:18

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