The World’s Biggest Concert Audiences


3,500,000 – Moscow 1997 (Jean Michel Jarre/Various)

3,500,000 – Rio De Janeiro 1994 (Rod Stewart)

2,500,000 – Paris 1990 (Jean Michel Jarre)

2,000,000 – Rome 2007 (Genesis)

1,600,000 – Moscow 1991 (AC/DC, Pantera, Metallica, Black Crowes)

1,600,000 – Dortmund 2008 (Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren)

1.500,000 – Rio De Janeiro 1991 (The Rolling Stones)

1,500,000 – Havana 2009 Paz Sin Fronteras II (Various)

1,500,000 – Philadelphia 2005 Live 8 (Various)

1,400,000 – Duisburg 2010 (Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren)

1,300,000 – Houston 1987 (Various)

1,300,000 – Berlin 2000 (Various)

1,200,000 – Paris (1995) (Jean Michel Jarre)



5 responses to “The World’s Biggest Concert Audiences

    • I bought Oxygene and Equinoxe back in the day. To me it was like the future of classical music. Now it probably sounds dated, but considering the equipment Jarre was experimenting with it’s still a hell of a detailed experience.

  1. The JMJ concert at the top; it was JMJ only. Not “various”. It was not a festival. Just JMJ’s concert. Also, JMJ had an audience of 1.3 million in Houston in 1986 and 1 million in Paris in 1979. He’s the only artist to have beaten the world record 4 times, by beating his own record 3 times.

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