Spinal Tap Discography: Bent For The Rent (1976)


Label – Megaphone

Track Listing
1 When a Man Looks Like a Woman
2 High Heels, Hot Wheels
3 Heavy Duty
4 Cardiff Cutie Cruisin’ [‘Cleveland Cutie Cruisin” on US pressing]
5 Bent For The Rent
6 Stinkin’ Up The Great Outdoors
7 Panties and Lipstick
8 Leather Lucy
9 High School Ball
10 Stay Out of Angela

“Bent For The Rent” is remembered as the band’s one and only venture in to glam rock, and is the first release following the lawsuit by Megaphone to force them from the record label. “High School Ball” was a rework of a previously unreleased Tap song titled “Lost It In The Locker Room”. Rarely political in their viewpoints, it was at first thought that “Stay Out Of Angela” may have been a veiled warning to avoid the crisis hit African country of Angola. Bass player Derek Smalls later confirmed that the song was about a band groupie, riddled with STD’s.

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